Welcome Home

The Center of Mystic Arts (CoMA) was created and birthed by MysticEve with the help of many travelers over the past 6 years. The temple space continues to be maintained by MysticEve, her daughter Sophia, and volunteers.

The temple space is unique. It is maintained for and by mystics, artists, and tattooists, as a place to gather and share energy. The Temple, and CoMA in general, is a place for healing introspection, esoteric study, and connection to spirit guides and elevating personal vibrations.MysticEve offers ritual tattoo experiences, tarot readings, astrology readings, intuitive yoga, equine healing practices, and a place of respite for the bohemian.


It was a great pleasure to stay at Center of Mystic Arts! Eve, her lovely daughter and her cute dog made me feel at home! I extended my stay for a few days more to spend more time surrounded by nature and of course to have more good times with the other volunteers at that place! I had the opportunity to paint a board containing the 4 elements of the nature, and also help a bit with gardening and eventually babysitting Sophie, such a smart and talkative girl! Gracias Eve, pura vida!

— Anonymous

It was my first WorkAway experience, and it was incredible. Eve and Sophie have so much good vibrations and the place is just the paradise. She open her house for giving you the opportunities to connect with your vibrations and the energy of the jungle to create. It was so cool to speak with you Eve, the podcasts were a super interesting moment, I’m exciting to hear it! I hope you will have a lot of incredible moments again on this place or in another place. You have so good vibes on you so I’m not afraid for your future. Keep your smile. Thank you for everything. Muchos Besos 🙂

— Marine